A Message to Our Current Grantees



We are reaching out today to all of our grantees to let you know that each of you are in our thoughts as we confront these uncertain and challenging times together. We encourage you to place the well being of you and your loved ones, as well as your staff and members, above all else in the days and weeks to come. We all know there is urgent work that remains to be done, but we also know that it can only be accomplished by those who are resilient and healthy. So please, practice good self-care.  

We also want you to know we are aware that new realities are forcing many of you to re-think and adapt your approach to organizing. As a provider of unrestricted general operating support, rest assured that The Needmor Fund will support and stand by any decisions you have to make regarding the future of your work. To the greatest extent possible, we hope that our funds can be used to keep your organizers on the job, while also ensuring their safety.

For those of you who might have reports or other paperwork that is due now or in the near future, please be in touch if any requirement associated with our grantmaking process poses an undue burden at this time. We can certainly make arrangements to postpone or adapt reporting requirements – e.g., a quick check-in call might suffice.

Moreover, as your organization continues to navigate uncharted territory on a daily basis, we anticipate that many unforeseen needs will arise. While Needmor is a relatively small foundation, we do have a limited pool of Response Funds available to assist our grantees with specific, one-time needs. Please call our Executive Director, Mary Sobecki, at 419-872-1490 to discuss accessing these funds. Although now working remotely, Mary will be checking voice mails on a daily basis and will get back to you as soon as possible.

In closing, we want to express our gratitude to all of you who are continuing to advance the work of equity and justice during this unprecedented time. As is often the case, poor and marginalized communities will experience many of the most dire consequences associated with the COVID 19 pandemic. However, we also know that despite your own concerns and circumstances, our grantees will find ways to continue to fight the good fight. For this, you have both our appreciation and our admiration. 

In Solidarity,

The Board and Staff of The Needmor Fund



Needmor Fund Announces First Recipient of The Frank I. Sanchez Award

At its May 8th meeting, the Board of The Needmor Fund selected Somos Un Pueblo Unido as the recipient of this year’s Frank I. Sanchez Award. Established at the time of Frank’s retirement 2017, this award recognizes an exceptional community organization with a documented history of improving lives in low- and moderate-income communities, while also promoting a social justice agenda and enhancing the practice of democracy. 

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