Application Process

Application Process

Do you meet our Guidelines?

Please read and acknowledge the content of the Before You Apply link on this website before submitting a proposal.


Needmor is taking 2018 to restructure our fund. No NEW grantmaking will take place in 2018, but we will continue our commitments to grantees in the process of their renewal eligibility. Check the website in December 2018 for news regarding our new grantmaking structure.

Needmor's Grantmaking Programs:

Needmor's Regional Grantmaking Program. Our first grant cycle each year focuses on clusters in two regions: The Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, and South Texas) and The Southeast (Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana). The basis for selecting these clusters includes: demographic/statistical data indicating social and economic distress; organizations committed to long-term base-building that is also linked to voter engagement strategies; recognition of the need for skill and infrastructure development; demonstrated need for financial support; the interest of other funders; and, issue/strategy opportunities.

Needmor's National Grantmaking Program. Our second grantmaking cycle encompasses the rest of the country. The rationale for the national program is to ensure that Needmor can continue to be informed of, learn from, and support important organizing efforts in various parts of the country, particularly those that cross boundaries and offer promising models. The national program also enables Needmor to project a national presence that is helpful in our attempts to bring more philanthropic resources to the field of organizing.  


Needmor's annual grantmaking resources are divided as follows: 25% Southwest Cluster, 25% Southeast Cluster, and 50% National Learning Community.

General Instructions

  • Our policy is to provide general operating support.
  • Applications are accepted only through our online grantmaking system.
  • Proposals are due by midnight on the deadline date.
  • Please do not submit video or audio materials with your application.
  • Approximately six weeks after the deadline for submissions, you will receive an email from Needmor stating whether or not your organization will be considered for funding.
  • Organizations approved for funding can expect grant funds to be available approximately six months after the application deadline.
  • Funded organizations are eligible to apply for up to four consecutive years, after which they may not re-apply for at least two years.
  • Continuing grantees have a slightly different application process.  Needmor will provide you more detailed instructions prior to the deadline date.  
  • If you have any questions, please contact our Grants Manager at 419-872-1490.



National Learning Community Pre-Application Deadline: None for 2018

Applicant organizations located in states other than those included in our Southeast and Southwest Clusters fall into our National Learning Community. The application process for this cycle will be available starting May 1st. Organizations that are new to Needmor or are not currently being funded must complete a pre-application.  In general, you will be notified within 10 business days if your organization is approved to submit a full application.

Deadline for Full Proposals: None for 2018

This deadline applies to those whose pre-applications have been approved for full submission, as well as current grantees that are eligible to apply for continued funding.  

Additional Funding Criteria:

In relation to requests submitted for the National grantmaking cycle, Needmor has developed the following additional criteria: 

  • Strategies that link and leverage the power of faith, labor and community organizations into powerful local, state and regional organizing networks that represent the interests of low- and moderate-income communities.
  • Utilizes creative membership strategies and structures to build powerful organizations made up of low wage workers that bring about equity in the economy.
  • Integrates voter engagement strategies and the expansion of democracy into the building of powerful multi-issue community organizations.
  • Support powerful organizations that recognize and address the interconnection of globalization to local and regional organizing.
  • Seeking powerful organizations that aspire to frame and implement new, broad and creative public policies that address systemic issues facing low- and moderate-income communities.
  • Support powerful local organizations that are connected to larger organizing networks and will use their leverage and power with sister organizations and allies to implement change at the regional, statewide and national level.


Needmor's Online Grantmaking System:

Needmor utilizes the Foundant on-line grantmaking system.  Please review the following instructional videos to learn more about using this system.  We recommend you view all videos before proceeding to the site.



If you or your organization have not yet registered in our system, here is an Instructional video on how to do so:


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