About Us

About Us

Our Mission...

The Needmor mission is to work with others to bring about social justice. The Needmor Fund supports people who work together to change the social, economic, or political conditions which bar their access to participation in a democratic society.

Our Vision...

Our work is informed by a vision of justice:

  1. We work towards a nation committed to democracy in which all persons are free and equal to determine the actions of government and thus assure their fundamental rights. These rights include justice, political liberty, and the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, safety, access to health care, an education which enables them to be contributing members of society, and the opportunity to secure productive work with just wages, benefits, and working conditions.

  2. We seek a society in which all citizens are free to exercise these rights regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religious persuasion. 

  3. We strive especially to engage those whose participation in the affairs of the community has been systemically denied, because we believe our nation will operate most equitably when all of its people are actively involved in crafting the vision, values, and policies that affect their lives.

Our Values...

Our work together is guided by the following beliefs:

  1. That every individual has inherent worth and has the right to have his or her voice heard; and

  2. that diversity, inclusiveness, and the views of those with different backgrounds and experiences are central to responsible deliberation and decision-making.

Our Practices...

As a Board and in the field, we maintain the following principles of behavior:

  1. Open, honest, clear communication. Acknowledging that communication is not one-way, but interactive, we will attempt to maintain active, respectful dialogue to clarify issues and dispel confusion.  We will work to be sensitive to the perspective of the audience, aware of our own and other's biases, and open to disagreement and constructive criticism.  We will seek to address and resolve conflicts maturely.

  2. Mutual respect and attention to relationships. We will be mindful that the best work comes from people working collaboratively, which requires being responsible and accountable to each other.  We will make every effort to respect and acknowledge the talents and the time and effort contributed by each of our working partners.

  3. Honest, reflective, constructive learning: We will remember that our experiences as an organization and as individuals are invaluable. Risk-taking and innovation must be grounded in careful evaluation and examination of our failures as well as our successes.

  4. Flexibility and responsiveness: We will try to understand, accept, and respond to the changes in each other and in our world.

Taken from Needmor Operating Guidelines