Board & Staff

Staff Directory

Frank Sanchez

Executive Director

Frank has been associated with The Needmor Fund for over 25 years. With experience as both an organizer and a funder, he was the first non-family member to serve on the board before being hired as a Program Officer in 1997. Frank’s passion for this work is fueled by his deep commitment to social justice and grassroots organizing.

Cathie Slabaugh

Grants/Office Manager

Cathie has been with Needmor since 2008. As a former clergyperson, she enjoys working for a foundation where she can live out her values by helping underserved, marginalized and minority persons find their voice.

Mary Sobecki

Associate Director

Mary first became aware of the work of Needmor while serving as Senior Program Officer for the Toledo Community Foundation. Lured by the call of social justice and supporting systemic change, she joined the staff in 2004.