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 Needmor helped fund this immigration report for Ohio. This is believed to be the first time that philanthropy has worked collectively to raise awareness of the issues confronting immigrant populations in this state. The report also highlights how immigrants contribute to the economy and growth of communities, as well as how immigration patterns have helped to counter Ohio’s population loss in recent decades. 

Our Pathway to a Brighter Future: Ohio's New Americans

Thanks to Cassandra Gould of Missouri Faith Voices and Molly Shock and Kirk Noden from Ohio Organizing for presenting to our board the importance of organizing in the Midwest! They gave us the panel presentation during our recent Board Learning Visit with Faith in Indiana in November, 2017

Here is the powerpoint Kirk presented.


Read the special booklet created for Needmor's 50th Anniversary in 2006.

The Needmor Fund:  50 Years, 50 Stories