Grants List

National Learning Community

Action Institute NC

Charlotte, NC

Seeks to promote reforms that address the root causes of poverty through organizing, education and mobilization.

Bay Area Organizing Committee

San Francisco, CA

Engages an increasingly regional dynamic of workforce mobility and socio-political change in the Bay Area.

Communities Creating Opportunity

Kansas City, MO

Brings people of faith together to build relationships, develop leaders and improve the quality of life in their community.

Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut

New Haven, CT

Addresses inequities through congregation-based, relational, grass-roots, multi-issue organizing.


Daytona Beach, FL

Empowers leaders and redeems broken systems.

Faith Action for Community Equity

Honolulu, HI

Challenges systems perpetuating poverty and injustice.

Faith in Florida

Orlando, FL

Works to transform Central Florida by bringing people together across income, race and denomination to build power.

Grass Roots Organizing

Mexico, MO

Creates a grassroots voice to win economic justice and human rights for all Missourians.

Illinois People's Action

Bloomington, IL

Empowers low and moderate income families to participate in the decision making process related to social justice issues.

Indianapolis Congregation Action Network

Indianapolis, IN

Equips those most impacted by systemic inequality to lead a multi-faith racial & economic justice movement to restore democracy.

Iowa CCI

Des Moines, IA

Unites and empowers grassroots people of all ethnic backgrounds to take control of their communities.


St Paul, MN

Builds the power and influence necessary to advocate effectively for racial and economic equity.

Kentucky Coalition

London, KY

Supports leadership development, grassroots organizing and public policy advocacy across the South and in Appalachia.

Las Vegas Valley Interfaith Sponsoring Committee

North Las Vegas, NV

Creates a broad based community organization based on social justice issues.

Michigan United

Ann Arbor, MI

Works to ensure that our economy works for the many, our civil rights are protected, and our democracy is strong.

Ohio Organizing Collaborative

Youngstown, OH

Unites organizing groups, unions, faith organizations and policy institutes to build and exercise statewide power.


Seattle, WA

Pushes back against the increasingly discriminatory environment through legal, policy advocacy, communications and grass roots organizing.

Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network

Pittsburgh, PA

Draws together people of faith to act powerfully on local and regional issues of justice and fairness.


Philadelphia, PA

Helps low- and moderate-income Philadelphia communities build power.

Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation/ IIRON

Chicago, IL

Works to expand power at the municipal, county and state level.

Triangle CAN

Durham, NC

Brings together ordinary people to be agents of systemic change.

United Workers Association

Baltimore, MD

Works to secure the economic and human rights of all Maryland residents.

Vermont Workers' Center

Burlington, VT

Seeks an economically just and democratic Vermont.

Workers Defense Project

Austin, TX

Empowers low-income workers to achieve fair employment through education, direct services and organizing.

Southeast Cluster

Baton Rouge Sponsoring Committee/Together Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA

Organizes institutions across racial, economic and religious lines to bring about systemic social change.

Birmingham Faith in Action

Birmingham, AL

Brings together congregations from the greater Birmingham region to articulate a faith voice on behalf of low income persons.

Charleston Area Justice Ministry

North Charleston, SC

Works to research and conduct public education to address the root causes of poverty and injustice.

Greater Birmingham Ministries/ACIJ

Montgomery, AL

Works for the rights and dignity of all people by cultivating just policies, encouraging grassroots leadership and participation and amplifying the voices and contributions of immigrants.

Isaiah Institute of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

Makes democracy work by developing community leaders who realize their power to create change.

Northern and Central Louisiana Interfaith

Shreveport, LA

Provides a way for residents to have a voice in decisions that affect their families and communities.

Southern United Neighborhoods/ A Community Voice

New Orleans, LA

Organizes around the social and economic justice issues that matter to low and moderate income families.

Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition

Nashville, TN

Empowers immigrants and refugees throughout Tennessee to develop a unified voice, defend their rights, and create an atmosphere in which they are recognized as positive contributors to the state.

The Micah Project

New Orleans, LA

Develops and trains leaders from low- and moderate-income communities to identify and address issues that affect their lives.

Southwest Cluster

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Institute

Los Angeles, CA

Builds power in low to moderate income neighborhoods to stand and fight for social, economic, and racial justice.

Arizona Institute for Public Life

Phoenix, AZ

Creates a political voice for marginalized people to bridge the economic, ethnic and religious gaps within communities.


Ventura, CA

Builds grassroots power to realize social, economic and environmental justice for the people of the California Central Coast Region.

El Centro

Albuquerque, NM

Works with Latino immigrants and allies to defend, enforce, and advance our communities' collective rights.

Inland Congregations United for Change

San Bernadino, CA

Overcomes cultural and economic barriers to civic participation with the purpose of focusing on developing grassroots community leaders.

Labor Community Strategy Center

Los Angeles, CA

Operates a multiracial 'think tank/act tank' that organizes in low-income communities in Los Angeles.

NM Comunidades en Accion y de Fe (CAFe)

Las Cruces, NM

Brings a powerful, coordinated and organized voice of low income people of color to the policy issues facing our communities and state.

Orange County Congregation Community Organization

Anaheim, CA

Empowers people to take responsibility for communities, to shape public policy, and to build a legacy of leadership throughout Orange County.


Tucson, AZ

Identifies and trains leadership, researches issues and unites community institutions for constructive action.

Promise Arizona

Phoenix, AZ

Mobilizes against anti-immigrant measures.

SouthWest Organizing Project

Albuquerque, NM

Empowers the disenfranchised of the southwest to realize racial and gender equality and social and economic justice.

The Metropolitan Organization

Houston, TX

Develops leaders within community institutions who can advocate on their own behalf.

The OLF Education Fund

Albuquerque, NM

Mobilizes its members around an agenda for reform and continues to develop leadership capacity.